Retainer Clips

Sockets and Drill Adapters

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tool Carriers

The Set to Fit Them All

The Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set by Magnus Tool Company was field-tested across all major car manufacturing brands for maximum compatibility. Somewhere in this set, you will find clips that will allow you to replace the ones you inadvertently broke, so you can button up your repair and leave your customer feeling satisfied. 

  • This set contains a variety of cosmetic panel pressure clips, flush-mount push clips and body panel clips (in case your customer’s bumper is hanging on for dear life and you want to do them a solid). It will grant you peace of mind with most American, Japanese and European car makes and models.
  • 240 pieces
  • 12 types – 20 Each

Socket Set

This set of Five 10mm Sockets and One ¼” Drill Adapter from Magnus Tool Company will help to ease the burden of lost 10mm sockets, while gifting you a spare drill adapter to help ease the pain. Toss out your 13mm, 14mm and 15mm sockets and fill your toolbox with all 10mm’s to show Japan who’s boss. Then lose one and laugh into the sky, knowing that you have plenty to spare…. for now.

Setting Expectations

Need to disassemble a door or ignition shroud for door lock or ignition replacement? You will encounter a 10mm nut or bolt. Need to remove an ECU for reflashing? They’re surrounded by 10mm’s. This means the odds of you losing a 10mm socket goes up exponentially, which forces you to purchase complete socket sets just to replace that one pesky, missing 10mm socket.



Tempered. Protective. Resistant.

The Magnus Tempered Glass Screen Protectors protect your screen from scratches that can happen in the rough-and-tumble environment of your locksmith van. You can feel confident knowing your machine may take a beating, but your screen will remain as smooth and clean as the day you bought it. Treated with a scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint layer for maximum performance that doesn’t hinder touchscreen sensitivity.

 Plenty of Coverage, Same Guarantee.

  • Works with the Xhorse Keytool MAX as well as Autel, Triton, and Nitro machines
  • 99.9% transparent ultra-thin, 9H surface hardness, scratch resistant tempered glass
  • Includes: 2 screen protectors, 2 dust removal stickers, 2 microfiber cloths and 2 alcohol cleaning pads

Carrying with Pride

The Magnus Diagnostic Tablet Soft Carrying Case is built with extremely functional compartments that offer separated and large spaces for your various tools and devices. Built for comfort and convenience, it has polyester padding for protection from accidental scratches. The waterproof  bag is durable, light weight, spill-resistant, and splash-proof to ensure they are secure & long-lasting for everyday use. The design of this bag is perfect for traveling, compact enough to keep you away from bulky carrying for a day or more.


Sizes &
Dimensons (in):

11.5 x 9 x 3.8

14 x 9.5 x 4


Waterproof polyester cover

Double-black metal & nylon zipper closures

Magnus heat transfer logo

Adjustable webbed shoulder strap


Compartment elastic cording

Polyester webbing stitch-down with elastic cords

Oriented spill- proof velcro pouches


Active Alarm Bypass Kit

Specialized OBDII Adapter and (1) 12 Volt Extension Cable. This kit allows key programming using a VCI (vehicle communication interface) on Ford vehicles with the Active Alarm Immobilization system option. The adapter isolates VCI power from the vehicle after battery disconnect. The extension cable when used with the 12V Battery Clamps to Cigarette Lighter (Female) Adapter and 12V DC5521 to Cigarette Lighter (Male) Cable, provides battery power to the VCI.



 Sold Separately

  • Extension Cable
  • Specialized OBDII Adapter